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Rosalía Martín Pérez

The village of Ayllón is located in the extreme northeast of the province of Segovia, sitting on the slopes of a reddish hill and bordering the province of Soria.

Ayllón has been declared a National Historic-Artistic Site in accordance with Decree 1.201/73, of 19 May, and has won several awards, including first prize in a contest recognising initiatives to enhance the beauty of villages in 1973 and second place in the First National Prize in 1974.

Since being reconquered in 1085, Ayllón's streets were walked by numerous kings: Alfonso VI, Alfonso VII, Alfonso VIII, Fernando III, Fernando IV, Juan II and, in 1929, the Infanta Doña Isabel. In addition, other historical figures who have set foot in the village are: the condestable of Castille Álvaro de Luna, bishop Fernando de Vellosillo, Emperess Eugenia de Montijo or the famous doctor Antonio García Tapia.

Ayllón has an ancient history originating in Celtiberian settlements that, over the centuries, has generated a historical-cultural identity that is impossible not to fall in love with and which is well highlighted by its neighbors. A unique place in which the wonderful historic center stands out and is crowned by the imposing tower named "La Martina".

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Rosalía Martín Pérez
Mayoress of Ayllón

“Ayllón is a beautiful medieval village located in the northeast of the province of Segovia. It has an enormous cultural value that has been forged thanks to an ancient history and the people who have participated in it.

We neighbours know well the value of our town, but its inclusion within "LOS PUEBLOS MÁS BONITOS DE ESPAÑA" makes us, both people of Ayllón and visitors, more aware of this fact.

As mayoress, I strongly invite you to visit this town and the places that surround it, delve into every corner, be nourished by the rich history that makes them up and enjoy immersing yourself in the various sociocultural activities that can be enjoyed: Ayllón Medieval, Santa Águeda, the festivities of La Cruz de mayo, Jueves Lardero or the local festivities in honor of San Miguel Arcángel."

Ayllón, art and history. You're welcome to visite us!

Ayllón en la nieve, por Víctor M. Barahona
Ayllón a la luz de las velas, por Juan L. Galindo
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