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Roda de Isábena

Joaquín Montanuy Tremosa

Roda de Isábena is a town which belongs to the municipality of Isábena, in the region of Ribagorza, province of Huesca, Aragón. Located at Km 25 of the regional A-1605 road that runs through the Isábena valley in the county of Ribagorza (one of the original counties to form the Kingdom of Aragon), connecting the towns of Graus and Viella and joining up with the N.260. At an altitude of 907m, with the coordinates 42º 17´00¨N0º32´00¨E, the town counts just 46 inhabitants. It is surrounded by three mountain ranges: the Sierra de Esdolomada, the Sierra del Chordal and the Sierra de Sís. Its local festivities take place on the first weekend of August and since 2016 its Mayor has been Joaquín Montanuy Tremosa.

It stands on a promontory that dominates access to the valley of the Isábena River. Indeed, in the 10th century it was a fortified site, establishing a watchtower between the domains of the Taifa of Zaragoza and the county of Ribagorza, which would later be integrated into the Kingdom of Aragon. In the middle of the 10th century this small town became the seat of the Bishop of Roda and political capital of the county of Ribagorza. But the transfer of the episcopal see to Lleida and then to the diocese of Barbastro-Monzón saw this locality's splendour decline. The confiscation and looting by Erik the Belgian stripped the town of its rich heritage.

However, Roda, with its Cathedral of San Vicente Martyr, still retains vestiges of its rich past. Today, it is the smallest town in Spain with a cathedral, with just 46 inhabitants.

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Joaquín Montanuy Tremosa
Mayor of Isábena

We are proud to inform you that Roda de Isábena is the smallest town in Spain with a cathedral, making it a historical, cultural and religious centre of great worth, and we are keen to invite you to discover the history which permeates every street, square, and straw loft in our town. Come and visit us - we await you with the hope that you find what you are looking for and leave with plenty of memories to recount and the desire to share what you have experienced.

Roda de Isábena, Huesca
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