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Francisco García

When you see Mojacar in the distance from the road, you will be struck by the intense white of its houses on the mountain top. Little by little, as you get closer you begin to see the flowers that hang from their balconies and that seem to be saying “we are waiting for you”.

This is an accurate description of what it feels like to arrive in Mojácar for the first time. It leaves no one indifferent.

From its whitewashed houses with arches and domes to its castle viewpoint, taking in churches and chapels of remarkable elegance and of course, its twelve-spout Moorish fountain, Mojácar deserves to be among the best…

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Francisco García
Mayor of Mojácar

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to visit Mojácar, a traditional Andalusian white village in the Mediterranean. A special village, full of charm, culture and beautiful spots. A small jewel, faithful to its Arab past, in the province of Almeria, blessed by the climate.

For Mojácar, it is an honour to belong to the association of the most beautiful villages in Spain, in the company of so many other beautiful and authentic places.


We are particularly delighted as we share the association's objectives and look forward to working together to promote, disseminate and preserve the cultural, natural and rural heritage of our villages, raising awareness and sharing information about the importance of respecting our heritage, as well as encouraging and promoting cultural tourism.


We understand that together, the most beautiful villages in Spain can make a joint and targeted effort to spread the word about our beauty and uniqueness.

This will undoubtedly benefit us in terms of both national and international tourism.

Likewise, belonging to this group of Villages will not only enrich us via the sharing of experience, but will encourage us to continue in our efforts to ensure that our old town is preserved, cared for and always in a perfect state of repair, so as to never disappoint those who expect us to maintain a certain standard.

Being and remaining one of the “Most Beautiful Villages in Spain” represents a responsibility for the local authorities, in particular the Town Council, but it is also one which benefits from the efforts and conviction of our local residents.


Mojácar's residents, businesses and shop owners work hard every day to maintain the beauty of their village so that you are sure to enjoy your visit.

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