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Raúl Garcia Ezquerro

In the south of the province of Álava, Laguardia occupies a privileged place within the Rioja Alavesa region. Its location in the central part of the region, dominating the valley, reflects the warrior spirit of its founder and his mission to defend the kingdom of Navarre.


The centre of the village is located on a curious plateau that looks like the hull of a ship sailing north.


As evidenced by the archaeological remains discovered, the site of the Hoya and the numerous dolmens, the area surrounding the village has been populated since time immemorial. 


Today Laguardia maintains the layout so typical of medieval villages, with three narrow and elongated main streets crossing it from north to south. They are connected by streets or squares and the entire village is surrounded by ancient city walls.

It is also punctuated throughout by family caves and wineries, making its streets fully pedestrian. 

Renaissance and Baroque buildings on whose façades you can admire beautiful coats of arms form the main centre. At the extremes we find its two churches: San Juan Bautista and Santa María de los Reyes. If we were pushed to choose just one building that was particularly emblematic of Laguardia, it would undoubtedly be this latter - the church of Santa María de los Reyes - inside which there is a late 14th-century portico made of stone whose 17th-century polychromy is preserved intact.


Stroll through its pedestrian streets, discover its squares, enjoy its surroundings, visit its wineries and taste its wines, savour its exquisite gastronomy... Laguardia offers all this and much more besides. 

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Pedro León
Mayor of Laguardia

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